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DSC_0443Suomen Lanka Oy, founded 1982, specializes in manufacturing threads for industrial weaving and handicraft hobbyists. Our factory is located in the village of Karvala in Lappajärvi, Finland.

We originally started with warping services, and acquired our first twisting and doubling winder within a few years, which made it possible to diversify our functioning. Since then our operating has expanded considerably. Now, in addition to various warp threads, we produce cotton seine twine, Pella linen thread and many other yarns. We also wind our customers’ own threads and do warping for their own warp beams.

Our most popular product is Liina Kalalanka (fishing yarn) which is widely used in carpet weaving industry etc. We use mostly Ne 20/1 and Ne 12/1 cotton yarns in our production.

It is our goal to constantly develop our products and be as customer-oriented as possible. Quality, delivery assurance and a good atmosphere among our employees and customers are our most important business principles!


Suomen Lanka Oy

Länsirannantie 833

Email: info@suomenlanka.fi

Tel: +358 400 

PLEASE NOTE: Our factory is located on EET time zone, UTC +2.

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